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Date: 24 June 2019

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A few months ago, we were lucky enough to be able to rent an office at Microlab in Eindhoven. Microlab is a co-working space that not only provides a nice place to work but also has an incredible community. We were able to get to know so many other interesting companies, many with which we are now working with. Microlab has a monthly newspaper and this month, we shared our story:

Hi, we are Jonas and Quirein and we are the founders of Fullcircle!

As two graduating students we met each other in 2017 while working with a number of technology startups at startup accelerator HighTechXL on the High-Tech Campus. Entrepreneurship wasn’t new to us. We both had a number of projects that we worked on in parallel to our studies and at the time we were both considering starting something new after graduation. Soon after we have met, we discovered our shared plans and started talking about our vision on emerging technologies and our ambition to start building a company, together.

One year later in November 2018 we made that ambition reality. We registered our business, got our first clients and found a first office in a church near Eindhoven’s city center. Like a true start-up, right?

After five months of starting up in the church we decided that we were ready to move to a more connected and professional working environment. Looking for a new office wasn’t particularly hard. It took us one meeting with (now) fellow residents Nice Innovations to catch the Microlab fever. Just three weeks later we were up and running in our new office, doing what we love to do: Building data products.

We build tailor-made, data-driven software applications using state of the art machine learning algorithms. Our business revolves around the idea that humans are serving technology, while technology promised to serve us. By combining data science and software development we aim to build continuously learning software solutions that do the work for our clients. In most cases, these solutions are software systems that enable fully automated execution of routine tasks, exception detection, forecasting and planning.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will most likely shape our future more than any other technology this century. Therefore, it is our mission to make these technologies accessible, understandable and controllable in order to turn inefficiencies and business challenges into new opportunities at scale.

If you want to learn more about what we do, or if you are interested in working with us, feel free to stop by at our office on the fourth floor. On LinkedIn, we regularly post short informative articles that help you to better understand the broader topics of data science, software development and business. See you soon!

Author: Quirein van den Ingh

Co-Founder and CEO