In November 2018, Jonas Weidner and Quirein van den Ingh founded Fullcircle.

Our business revolves around the idea that creating impactful machine learning software starts even before building a data architecture, but with modeling the business solution. That is why we created a unique human-centered innovation process to build disruptive continuously learning software embedded in sustainable business solutions.

Our vision is to make data work for your business to establish the next level of process efficiency and automated planning. We are excited to bring you along on the journey of shaping the future.

Our Identity

1/ Human-centered

Our mission is to improve peoples lives. Improving processes to empower people to spend their time on what really matters.

2/ Curious

Because we believe that being at the forefront of technological development requires constant learning.

3/ Holistic

At the core of our identity lies our unique Fullcircle Innovation process that takes into account all stakeholders and requirements of your business.

Join our Mission!

Are you a programmer, data scientist or just excited about machine learning? Do enjoy working in a start up where you can make a difference with your work everyday?

We are excited to get to know you! Drop us a message and tell us a little bit about yourself and your superpowers.

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